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17 SDGs

Innovate Sustainability

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Corporates
to Drive


Building Innovative Solutions for our Common
Sustainable Future

ECOPOLIS Founders - The Incubator Initiative

We are the cornerstone of sustainable and disruptive innovation. Rooted in a mission to create a dynamic community of visionaries, we focus on sectors like Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Art. Using cutting-edge base technologies such as AI-driven software development, scalable cloud DevOps chains, Distributed Ledger, and IoT, we're challenging the status quo and accelerating change.


Our objectives align with supporting the UN's 17 Global Goals through our actions, targeted partnerships, and long-term partnerships.

We envision 'Ecopolis' as a self-sustaining ecosystem, nurturing startups and creating cross-sector synergies.


Our community thrives on collaboration, sharing knowledge, and skills to foster innovation and achieve collective growth. We aim for long-term impact.


Join us in shaping today for a better tomorrow.

Seed Your Vision, Grow Our Future.

Unearth your next big idea with ECOPOLIS Founders. Our team of experts helps you navigate the first and often most challenging steps of transforming your sustainable vision into a viable concept. We provide the resources, mentorship, and industry insights you need to refine your ideas and develop a strong foundation for your venture.

Blueprint to Reality:
Pilot Your Success.

Crafting an MVP is the litmus test for any startup, and ECOPOLIS Founders ensures you pass with flying colors. We collaborate with you to develop a Minimum Viable Product or run a pilot project that embodies your mission while meeting real-world demands. It’s not just about proof of concept; it’s about proof of impact.

Lay the Bricks,
Build the Future.

Once your pilot or MVP is a hit, it's time to think bigger—much bigger. ECOPOLIS Founders offers hands-on guidance during your company's critical building phase, helping you set your business model, organizational structure, and key strategies. We're here to ensure you're not just a startup, but a rising star in the sustainable tech arena.

Sky's the Limit:
Scale to Impact.

Ready to amplify your reach and impact? ECOPOLIS Founders is your co-pilot in the high-stakes phase of scaling. Leveraging our network, technology, and years of industry experience, we help you expand your market footprint without compromising on your sustainable objectives. Make your mark—on the industry and the planet.

At ECOPOLIS Founders, we're dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the curve.

Leveraging our expertise in entrepreneurship and software-defined business models, we offer impactful solutions tailored to both startups and established corporations, ensuring value and success.​


Innovative Solutions for Modern Business

Ready to Drive Innovation in Your Business?

At ECOPOLIS Founders, we provide AI-enhanced tools and services for business idea exploration, prototype development, and promotion. Dive into custom software solutions or boost your data science projects with our expertise. Reach out to us today for more details.

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